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February 24 2015

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what a perfect room

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Music for Hummingbirds by Marcelo Ferrer

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By yama-bato

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Janis Joplin by David Gahr, NYC 1970

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Natalie Du Pasquier, Kitchen with Cloud Pattern, 1984

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George de Forest Brush, A Celtic Huntress, 1890

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the traveller

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The Rabbit-Go-Round

February 22 2015

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Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan | Misty Keasler  

Though there are many ways to have a sexual rendezvous, there are few so varied, convenient, and strange as the love hotels of Japan. From a high school classroom to a Hello Kitty-themed dungeon to the inevitable, and cliched, sexy nurse, the options are endless and often creepy. Misty Keasler captured this surreal underworld in Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan.

Keasler discovered the establishments while teaching English in Japan. She was captivated by the unusual way they facilitated sex, offering everything you need to make the most of your time—there are vending machines with vibrators, sex swings, and handcuffs affixed to the walls. It’s a strange blend of kitsch and fantasy, and their locations are numerous.

“I was just taken by sheer number of hotels,” said Keasler. “At the time in 2004 and 2005 there were 30,000 love hotels in Japan. Compare that to 7,000 Starbucks in the state of Texas.”

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“All I knew about Cuba was that people drove old American cars and that Ché Guevara was tied with Bob Marley as most popular poster in dorm rooms. Then my friend Erin invited me on a 2-week trip to Havana. The first thing I noticed in Havana was that the city was dark at night. There were no streetlights, porch lights or living-room lamps. It was pitch black except for the faint colorful glow spilling out of open doors everywhere, and it came from the TVs. The light captivated me. For the next two weeks I wandered around, slipping in and out of strangers’ living rooms. Each time I came across an open door and a working TV set, I would ask if I could take a picture. The answer was always yes. Nobody seemed to think it was an odd request and it was usually accompanied by a Cuban coffee or rum.”

Simone Lueck

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