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February 05 2017

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Marcus Behmer, Verlöschende Kerze / Dying candle, 1903, For the book illustration of Oscar Wilde’s Salome. Germany.

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Paintings by Ryan Mrozowski

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Residential Property, Hatton Place - Lynch Architects (1997)

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“Witches: We Need You!”

Found this out in Los Angeles.

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The trees come closer. A book of images. 1898. 

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© Andreea Dobrin Dinu // ForgetMeNot

I’m a Hamburg based graphic artist working out of my studio SUMMERKID and this illustration is part of a series for a book project. I guess the most accurate reflection of my daily work is on my Instagram so…drop by :)

February 04 2017

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Carl Hewitt with Philip Haynes and Future Deluxe, make up artist Susana Mota 

website | ello | Behance | instagram

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The Lake - Crystal Liu


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Moomin and the Dolphin,  ムーミンとイルカの友情

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